Mykonos, based in Cagliari and led by Luca Massa, is a consortium of Italian firms that provide environmental services to ports, and to firms involved in the shipping and marine industries. The main objectives of the Mykonos consortium is to encourage entrepreneurial efforts among its member firms, and to assist in infrastructure investements and in the professional development of personnel.

Environmental regulations are becoming more and more onerous both for the clients and for the firms providing environmental services.

Through Mykonos, more than 20 firms work together to improve the efficiency of the environmental services they provide through the exchange of the latest technologies and best practices, without having to refer to a third party.

Mykonos also looks to maintan low costs among the services its firms provide, and eventually, aims to promote the establishment of similar fees and rates for similar services rendered at its members' home ports.

Mykonos joins MedCruise to take advantage of the many networking opportunities possible between MedCruise port members and Mykonos firms. Massa sees Mykonos as a very useful associate member as he and other members of Mykonos can assist in problem solving and in policy development among MedCruise members and governmental institutions with respect to environmental issues related to ports and passenger shipping.

Mr Luca Massa